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Individually designed, solution-oriented, one on one coaching in the three domains of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle, that facilitates YOU achieving optimal health and fitness.

One on One Personal Training

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Personal Training

Our One on One program begins with a Complementary Consultation, where we discuss your goals, medical history and current nutrition. We then perform a Fitness Assessment, where objective information is gathered to help us determine the correct course of action needed to help you safely and effectively reach your goals. Think of this as a "snap shot" of your current health and fitness level. We then can lay out a game plan, of how our customized nutrition, flexibility, resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning will reconcile your particular health and fitness situation. We set a date for your reevaluation, to determine your successes, and "tweak" your program to insure continued success!

Nutrition Coaching

To make our nutrition programs as individualized as possible, we have implemented a battery of assessment tools; Metabolic Quiz, Brain Chemistry assessment, our proprietary fitness assessment (i.e. body fat analysis, circumference measurements) and a HIPPA compliant online supplement assessment, to be able to create a unique program for that particular individual.  I have broken down the various applications employed in our program.

Lifestyle Coaching

You know what to do... you even know how to do it, yet you are not doing it!  Solution is accountability and structure, the five areas we see, everyday, that people need coaching in are the following: 1) Sleep, 2) Hydration, 3) Nutrition, 4) Stress Management and 5) Exercise  In that order.  When we help you facilitate lifestyle changes in these 5 areas, most weight loss challenges and chronic health conditions tend to fix themselves.  Once we can clearly identify "WHY" you want to change, we can now focus on how you will achieve it.

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Personal Training

We have many packages for you to choose from, please take a look at our In House Training Packages.

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