Our One on One program begins with a Complementary Consultation, where we discuss your goals, medical history and current nutrition. We then perform a Fitness Assessment, where objective information is gathered to help us determine the correct course of action needed to help you safely and effectively reach your goals. Think of this as a “snap shot” of your current health and fitness level. We then can lay out a game plan, of how our customized nutrition, flexibility, resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning will reconcile your particular health and fitness situation. We set a date for your reevaluation, to determine your successes, and “tweak” your program to insure continued success!

To make our nutrition programs as individualized as possible, we have implemented a battery of assessment tools; Metabolic Quiz, Brain Chemistry assessment, our proprietary fitness assessment (i.e. body fat analysis, circumference measurements) and a HIPPA compliant online supplement assessment, to be able to create a unique program for that particular individual.  I have broken down the various applications employed in our program.

You know what to do… you even know how to do it, yet you are not doing it!  Solution is accountability and structure, the five areas we see, everyday, that people need coaching in are the following: 1) Sleep, 2) Hydration, 3) Nutrition, 4) Stress Management and 5) Exercise  In that order.  When we help you facilitate lifestyle changes in these 5 areas, most weight loss challenges and chronic health conditions tend to fix themselves.  Once we can clearly identify “WHY” you want to change, we can now focus on how you will achieve it.

Featured Services

Strength Training

At KM Fitness Strength and Fitness Training,  we teach proper bio mechanics of exercise to increase the stress applied to the muscle while minimizing the shearing forces to the joints ”

Nutrition Coaching

Learn your metabolic type and what meal plan works best for you in order to loose body fat in the most safe and effective way while keeping your hunger, energy and cravings at bay!

achieving your cardio goals

“In an effort to create a fight or flight response we go as hard and as fast as we can for 10-15 seconds to stimulate the production of lactic acid, which is the key that unlocks the door to our healing hormones being released”


We have worked with hundreds of clients since our opening in April 2003… here are what some had to say!

“I’m happy today! I have lost 20 lbs since I started my nutrition program as prescribed by KM Fitness. I lost 5 inches in my waist and 4% body fat. Even more importantly my high blood pressure has returned to very normal numbers WITHOUT the use of any medication.  I had knee and shoulder injuries that were so painful I was not able to exercise or perform my normal routine and I was contemplating knee replacement surgery. Today I am pain free (I also increased my bench press to to 60 lbs!). I worked the plan for about five weeks starting in June. Then I went on to add things in…like fruit and some dairy and ice cream which I love. I stopped losing but maintained the loss I had. I needed to lose more, so after 6 weeks I decided to go back to the original cleanse program and within two days I had lost another pound. So I kind of know now how far I can push the envelop without regaining weight, but more importantly I have a wonderful tool that I can use when I need to regain control of my weight. My goal is to lose 20 more pounds. I have made some permanent adjustments to my diet. I know I cannot eat anything made with wheat. I have switched from coffee to green tea. I eat alot more protein than I used to. I continue to eat lots of veggies which I always did. I am actually eating more on this regimen than I did before and I now know the difference between being hungry and having cravings –mostly for sugar. I feel confident that those cravings will disappear as my body gets used to living without sugar. I will be 76 in a few weeks and I would really like to give myself the gift of a healthy weight.  I would like to thank Mike & Susan Keenan from KM Fitness for introducing this nutrition program and coaching me along my fat loss journey!” Lucille A, Mantaloking, NJ

“Just wanted everyone to know that both Mike and Susan helped me thru 2 knee surgeries and totally got me going again. They are helpful, kind and smart people.  I joined Susan’s 4 Week Fat Flush program several months ago.  It changed my life and also my relationship with food.  I have been on so many diets over the years, it seemed no matter how many different programs or exercises I tried the weight would not come off.  I chalked it all up to menopause and my age and to a certain degree I was right. What I did not realize and what Susan’s education program does is that it addresses my changing hormones and nutrition together.  I was still trying to diet like a 20 year old and use the “eat less exercise more” approach that worked for me in the past. When I followed Susan’s nutrition program I realized I was not eating enough protein and of course was making up for the low calories and hunger with overeating starchy carbs (like “whole grains” and “healthy cereals”) and dairies (in the form of yogurts).  I did not realize that my shift in my hormones made me more reactive to starch, sugar and stress.  Once I started the program, I realized I was starving myself.   I was now eating more foods that kept me fuller longer.  I started to lose weight for the first time in 10 years!  I was so happy and my body reacted so well to all the nutritious foods I started to feel better immediately and resolved some long term stomach issues (gas, bloating and pain). I also lost 28 lbs!  I was shocked with the progress and know that this is a way of life for me.  Friends and family who have not seen me in a long time comment on how great I look.  I am so happy to look and feel my best.   At 63 I never thought I would enjoy buying new clothes 2 sizes smaller and feel that I am still making progress but will not be too extreme at the sake of my health. I recommend Mike and Susan Keenan at KM Fitness to all my friends and business associates… it is the best gift you can give to yourself.  They are AWESOME!” Pat C., Manasquan NJ

“I was a client of Mike and Susan’s in 2008 and got in to the best shape of my life.  As the years went on I became distracted by the job, finding it harder to squeeze in my workouts during hectic long weeks of overtime at work.  As a lineman for an electrical company, Superstorm Sandy had me working 16 hour days, with little time found for eating healthy meals. It was eat on the run most of the time.  Following an injury, I had shoulder surgery, followed by a 7 month recovery and rehabilitation period. With my poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle taking over, my weight started to creep back up and the chronic inflammation really kept me from wanting to move forward.  I was depressed.  I decided to go back to what I consider the A-Team of fitness and nutrition, Mike and Susan Keenan, owners of KM Fitness, Manasquan, NJ.  Mike and Susan were able to address all of my current issues. Mike’s speciality is metabolic training, he showed me the fastest, smartest way to get into condition with my limited time.  Susan taught me that nutrition was 90% of my success, and I learned how fat loss is more important than weight loss and she was able to get my Hunger/ Energy / Cravings (HEC) under control.  In 10 short weeks I lost 32 pounds and 9% bodyfat!  I am alert, focused and have more energy for my physically demanding job, and I am sleeping better and keeping up with my energetic teenagers.   Susan has taught me that living the fat loss lifestyle is something that we can do on an ongoing basis and it is fine to occasionally have a reward meal during my busy week of eating clean and exercising.  Thanks to Mike and Susan for giving me that 2nd chance to do it permanently!” Wayne M, Lakewood, NJ