Gaining All the Weight Back!!


After reading the New York Times article (Sunday, May 1st “see link below”) on The Biggest Loser contestants gaining their weight back post challenge got me thinking.  I will be 54 in June, and have been challenged by the ability to store body fat very easily my entire life. My genetics, along with a diet that I tried to maintain, and exercise that I performed never quite cut it. No matter how hard i dieted and the longer I exercised, when I went to extremes, as witnessed in The Biggest Loser, I would lose weight but would  gain all of the weight back exponentially.  During one of my diet challenges, I got down to 177 pounds, at 12% body fat, I typically was very strong but my bench press strength dropped over 40 pounds, and I developed a autoimmune disease. That was in October of 2000. I looked great, but I was actually sick. Shortly after hitting that goal, I herniated 2 discs in my back, stopped exercising completely, and gained 50 pounds in about a years time. Since then, I have fluctuated between 220 and 250.  During all of these fluctuations in weight, I never stopped exercising, and I thought I was eating well (drinking very little alcohol but consuming portions larger then normal from time to time like on weekends and at events).


Making my living in the health and wellness field (I was an athletic trainer and in the physical therapy field for years prior to opening my own medically based fitness business over 14 years ago), it was critical for me to set the the pace, I needed to find the best solution for managing my stress, diet and exercise plan so that I could be an example for my clients as well as my family.  After much research and reading about this condition, I met Dr. Jade Teta, of the Metabolic Effect, and for the first time in 2013, and thru his certifications and teachings the hormonal effect of food and exercise became clear.  Through Dr. Jade and my other mentors, I have put together a plan that works on fixing my metabolic system instead of damaging it!


Now today I am here to tell you, I cracked a new code, for me, and others like me. Since eliminating grain, starch and all alcohol from my diet, as well as all refined sugar, I really have no issues with weight or energy. I have crazy energy, and I am as strong as I was 30 years ago! Protein, Fiber, Water, Fat and proper supplementation. That’s my secret.  I just gave you the ingredients, and I can teach you how to put it all together to make it work for you.  OMG, there is that 4 letter word again, WORK!!!  Yes, it will take some work, and some change, but I promise you, once you eliminate those starches and refined sugars, the cravings will utterly and completely go away.  That is, as long as you do a little work and planning each day!  Little cheats here and there are fine, but repeating them daily leads to disaster!  Like an alcoholic, you can’t go back to trying to manage a diet based on carbohydrates (think of the RDA’s food pyramid).  But if you stay the course, you will have more energy, lose weight like crazy, and have zero cravings, I promise!


My body does not, and will not tolerate starch or refined sugar without the side effects of chronic inflammation and immediate weight gain. I am at a good weight for me now, 224 as of this morning. Over the next 4 weeks, I will be 100% clean, and lets see where I go now. I will document daily, both pictures and measurements. This could be you too! You might be one that has Zero tolerance for Starch and refined sugar, including alcohol. 28 Days, just try it. Follow me and I will tell you how to overcome cravings and boredom with food. I will show you what exercises to do, and how short term intensity beats long slow jogging. I will follow with articles from The NY Times, and other publications you can read on your desktop or smart phone.


Join us now for our 28 Day Transformation, and I will lead you to your goal.  I am offering the program at 30% off the normal fee, but for the month of May only!




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