New Blood Pressure Guidelines!

The Story Behind New Blood Pressure Guidelines


By Michael Keenan

The American Heart & American Stroke Association has released its new numbers, designating what is considered hypertension.  Most physicians “control” blood pressure with medications, and suggestions of lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise and stress management.  The two main classes of medications are BETA Blockers and ACE Inhibitors.  (Here is a link to a guide for the visual learner to break it down in pictures!)

BETA blockers restrict max heart rate, thereby limiting circulating blood and the associated pressure build up.  Try putting more water through a clogged hose, you see the picture?  The second is ACE Inhibitors, which relaxes smooth muscle surrounding our arteries and capillaries, opening pathways, thereby lowering pressure on arterial walls

Neither effect the underlying cause of hypertension.  Let me repeat it again… neither effect the underlying cause of hypertension.  So, what can you do to address the root cause of hypertension? 

  • Sleep – Lowers stress hormones, relaxes adrenal response and secretion of flight of fight hormones.
  • Hydration – 20% of all blood flow goes to kidneys. When kidneys are forced to filter toxins from blood. in a dehydrated state, there is an increase in capillary pressure. Imagine squeezing a garden hose, doing that increases pressure. Secondly, dehydration increases blood viscosity, thickening and packing blood contents, so think to yourself, what would you rather pump, water or maple syrup?
  • Nutrition – A diet rich in potassium, magnesium and fiber, with lower sodium will help achieve a healthy BP. As:
    • Leafy greens
    • Fish high in Omega III
    • Olive Oil
    • Avocado
    • Coconut Oil
    • Red Beets
    • Berries
    • Oatmeal (helps to remove bile salts and other toxins, due to high fiber)
    • Garlic, herbs and spices
    • Dark, non-sweetened chocolat

What can I supplement with to help lower BP?  Well first take your assessment at to determine what you should take and what you, and what you should be blocked from taking.  By entering in your medical history, nutrition, sun exposure, smoking and alcohol consumption, along with all your over the counter and prescription medications, you can be assured of taking the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements, package in both AM & PM doses, even printed with your name of each packet, see for more details!  (Side note, look for supplements that contain folate vs. folic acid!)

  • Stress management – smoking like you are on fire and drinking like you are trying to put it out is not good stress management!
    • Here are a few other things you can do:
      • Take a nap, rest in a salt cave
      • Walk in a natural setting
      • Float, take an Epsom salt bath
      • Enjoy intimacy with loved one
      • Interact with pets
      • Get a massage
      • Watch a comedy more or go to a show

Abstain from tobacco, nicotine causes inflammation of arterial linings, which compromises the passage way for blood circulation, thus increases blood pressure.

Alcohol and refined sugars increase blood sugar, which acts as a pro inflammatory compound, which causes furtherinflammation of the article walls.  This inflammation causes not only an increase in blood pressure but can contribute to kidney disease and blindness.

Avoid fruit juices, soda (diet too!) Sports drinks, energy drinks, artificial sweeteners and other sugar laden confections. 

  1. Gatorade has 32 grams of added sugar
  2. Red Bull has 27 grams of added sugar
  3. Monster has 52 grams of added sugar
  4. Rockstar has 62 grams of added sugar

The average adolescent woman needs only 24 grams of added sugar a day.  A grown man needs 36 grams a day!

  • Finally, Exercise – done correctly short term high intensity exercise can help lower CRP. CRP (C – Reactive Protein) is not only a indication of increased inflammation, it is also a cause of inflammation, increasing cytokines and interleukins.

So, that it, now go out and make these changes, and not only watch your BP but also your stress and waistline

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