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The 5 Pillars to Fitness, Health, Wellness and Success!

Keenan Medical Fitness (KM Fitness) first opened on Main Street as Fitness Together in 2003 (our location is now at 93 Atlantic Avenue, Manasquan, NJ). Our goal was to personally design fitness, health and nutrition to the individual, as opposed to the large group fitness programs so prevalent today. Cancer Wellness, long drives off the golf tee, and moms looking to tone up after a baby, all need a personal, individualized health and fitness program. With 20 years experience in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, the natural progression was to take the emphasis off rehabilitation, and focus on redemption. Redemption is becoming something better than you were before. How do we accomplish such a task? We coach our clients on the 5 Pillars of Success: Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition, Stress Management and Exercise. All of course, Individually Designed! We call this Healthy Simplified!

Michael Keenan

Owner, Michael Keenan, has been in the exercise/nutrition field for over 30 years with a Masters in Exercise Physiology, a Certified Athletic Trainer, a certified Personal Trainer & Cancer Wellness Specialist. Mike Keenan is the owner and founder of KM Fitness.  As a Health Coach and Fitness Trainer, the optimal health and wellness, of each of our clients, is our number one priority.  Our mission statement is simple, people first.  Health coaching is a new concept to most, but in reality has been the center of our my practice for over 30 years. In my past vocation of physical therapy, i was an expert in rehabilitation.  In health coaching, it is redemption.  Most people ask, whats the difference?  Rehabilitation is returning someone to their previous level of being.  Redemption is creating  someone new, elevating someone to a mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and relational being they never were before.  How is it done, 5 simple steps, Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition, Stress Management and Exercise. It is through the coaching this is accomplished. Mike and his wife Susan have two college age children, and live in Brielle, New Jersey.

Susan Keenan

Owner, Susan Keenan, has been in the exercise/nutrition field for over 18 years with certifications in Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Metabolic & Strength Training Specialist.

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