Top Tips & Tricks to Stick to Your Fitness Routine :)

Rise to the Occasion

Your fitness routine literally begins with getting up an hour earlier at least three days a week to  prepare your meals to go and workout clothes in the morning before heading off to work. This way it is a lot easier to stop at the gym first instead of going home and crashing on the couch; especially after an exhausting day 😮

Fuel Up

Make sure you have a balanced meal before and after that workout, there is noting worse then jumping into a workout with low blood sugar or low energy.  An easily digestible meal an hour before the workout will do the trick.  My favorite is almond milk, lots of ice, a scoop of ID Life Vanilla Protein powder, a few strawberries and a handful of spinach!  Make sure your diet is lean, clean and green 🙂

Have a Backup Plan

Invest in some basics for a quick at-home workout: some free weights and a timer. That way, when you really don’t feel like making the trip to the gym, you’ll have the resources to spend 20 to 30 minutes working out at home. Even if you do squat presses, lunges, and crunches and bicep curls at home, it’s better than skipping out on your workout altogether.

Be Consistent

People (myself included) tend to be eager when it comes to seeing the results and tend to be really, really impatient. But I’ve found that it takes time to be consistent and persistence to make a dent in my fitness and strength goals. Instead of focusing on what I still can’t do, I set small, totally doable goals and stick with it.

Find a Workout You Love
I’ve found that having fun while sweating is the most important part of my workout. Seriously, you should look forward to sweating!  It’s also vital that you find a support system—maybe a workout buddy or trainer—that keeps you accountable. Fitness is more than just training, it’s a lifestyle.

Dress to Sweat
You know how when you get new shirt or dress, you’re in a better mood to go out on a Saturday night? Well, the same can apply to working out. Putting on the same sweats and sports bra day after day can get old fast and become just another reason not to be motivated. I can literally spend the rest of my day in my workout gear if I don’t have anywhere to go… that can get old fast!  I have a client that comes in with a her workout gear neatly tucked away in high black boats and a beautiful poncho in the Fall/Winter and fancy sandals and light cover up in Spring/Summer.  A quick change into sneakers for her workout and bingo fashion to fitness in minutes!

Get a Buddy

You’ve no doubt heard it before: Having a friend to work out makes you more apt to stick to your fitness plan. So do it. Keep each other motivated through text and social media posts… be accountable and ask if your fit friend is staying on point with nutrition and workouts.

Keep Your Music Fresh

There’s nothing worse than going through an hour-long workout or walk in silence. Except maybe suffering through bad music that you hear on the radio or something your kids are listening too that makes your ears bleed!  Or the same old music that you’ve had on rotation on your iPod for weeks. So create a high-energy playlist of stuff you like on your iPod–and remember to change it up every week to stay motivated.  Here are some of my favorite workout songs:  I’ve gotta a feeling by Black Eyed Peas, Loose Control by Missy Elliott, Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, Indeep (basically any disco song from the 70’s lol)… Here is a link to my Spotify Playlist... what are some of your fav’s?  Let me know I would love to hear from you!

Sweat for the Right Reasons

“Focusing on my nutrition and fitness is not always fun, but fitness has become as necessary to me as brushing my teeth each day,” says Mike Keenan. I would not dream of leaving the house without brushing my teeth so even walking for 20 minutes is a workout if that is all the time I have.  If you feel like your workout is retribution for overeating and drinking you did yesterday, why would you ever want to exercise? But if it’s something you get to do because you enjoy it, you’ll be more apt to stick with your fitness goals, he says.

Hire a Personal Trainer!

Saving the best for last!  A personal trainer is an appointment on your calendar.  Paying someone to be accountable can be psychologically rewarding in that you see “value” in what you have purchased.  A good PT will take an assessment (weight, girth measurements, body fat analysis and functional movement testing) before and after pictures and put together a program that will help you achieve and meet your goals.  With this in mind, KM Fitness would like to offer you the following offer as we close in on saying goodbye to 2017!


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